Our Testing Protocols

At Redko Sports, we always value products that can truly make a difference in our readers’ game. Each of our review pages is thoroughly double-checked by coaches and even PGAs for accuracy, trustworthiness & comprehensiveness.

We pride ourselves on following strict journalistic standards and ethics, and no one ever alters our operation outside of our organization. If we don’t like a product, we tell you like it is.

Our trained team of editors, publishers, and professional coaches validates each review before publication. Redko Sports Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from the editorial staff to ensure each review follows precisely the testing protocol below. We also regularly submit our reviews to beginners, and experienced sports individuals, to ensure it perfectly matches the needs of players of all skill levels.

Our Core Values 

Data First

We conduct extensive testing to ensure that the performance announced by the manufacturer matches what we actually witness during testing for any product. We also thoroughly fact-check and record the performance results of the clubs we review when testing on the sport course – if something is off, we mention it in the review.

By Sportspersons, For Sportspersons  

Every review we complete has the individual sportsperson in mind at all times. All reviewers on this website have spent considerable amounts of time in the field. We aim to consistently improve our testing process, so it is as transparent as possible.


We strive on our opinion being completely unbiased. We buy the products ourselves and conduct testing in our labs whenever it is feasible for us. Manufacturers do not know when we will review their products, nor do they have any way to influence our verdict on their products. We do not accept any money in exchange for reviews.

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