Best Skateboards for Adult Beginners

If you want to start skateboarding as an adult but don’t know which skateboard is most suitable for you, don’t worry we have compiled a list of the best skateboards for adult beginners. We will review some of the most popular beginner boards on Amazon and explain why they’re great for adults!

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Beleev Cruiser Skateboard for Adult Beginners

  • 7-Ply Canadian Maple layers.
  • Can bear weight upto 220 lbs.
  • 60*45mm 78A wheels, ABEC-7 steel bearings, with soft PU bushings.
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WHOME Pro Skateboard for Adult Beginners

  • Portable product design with reasonable price.
  • Can bear weight upto 220 lbs.
  • ABEC-9 bearings, with A356 aluminum alloy trucks, and 53mm wheels.
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Quest Rorshack 34″ Skateboard

  • Cold climate hardwood 34-inch maple can support weight upto 220 lbs.
  • Rugged 6-inch aluminum trucks.
  • Fast ABEC 7 bearings, with durable 65mm PU wheels.
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There are many reasons why you might want to get into skateboarding, and inspiration is one of the most common reasons. Therefore we have compiled a list of the best skateboards for beginners with expert guidance. As many adults start it simply to enjoy their time, be adventurous, and have fun.

Find Out What Are the Best Skateboards for an Adult Beginner

There are a couple of differences between adult skateboards and children’s skateboards. Most of these concerns are related to safety, which is a valid concern for adults who want to take up this hobby.

The trucks on adult skateboards often have metal discs under them that prevent them from moving side to side in order to prevent accidents.

Furthermore, most adult skateboard manufacturers have slimmed down their boards to make them narrower than children’s.

Most importantly, adult riders should know that they will need some protective gear before they begin riding. Injury to the head can occur from things such as falling backward on your head while losing traction. Therefore protective gear is mandatory.

A Quick Overview of Best Skateboards for Adult Beginners

Top Pick
Beleev Cruiser Skateboard for Adult Beginners
Maple Polyurethane 220 lbs 01 CHECK PRICE
Ryvorbe’s Upgraded Skateboard for Adult Beginners
Maple Polyurethane 224 lbs 08 CHECK PRICE
Magneto Mini Cruiser Longboard
Maple Polyurethane 220 lbs 06 CHECK PRICE
Magneto Barefoot Mini Cruiser Skateboard
Canadian Maple Polyurethane 220 lbs 01 CHECK PRICE
Flybar 31” x 8” Skateboard for Adult Beginners
Maple Polyurethane 220 lbs 07 CHECK PRICE
WHOME Pro Skateboard for Adult Beginners
Aluminum, Maple Polyurethane 220 lbs 01 CHECK PRICE
Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard
Maple Polyurethane 220 lbs 25 CHECK PRICE
Quest Rorshack 34″ Skateboard
Wood Polyurethane 220 lbs 01 CHECK PRICE
SANSIRP 31″ Skateboard
Maple Polyurethane 222 lbs 01 CHECK PRICE
Scientoy 31″ x 8″ Skateboard for Adult Beginners
Maple Polyurethane 220 lbs 01 CHECK PRICE

Beleev Cruiser Skateboard for Adult Beginners

A great skateboard for adults who are just getting started. Buying it will be the best choice if you enjoy skateboarding and are looking for something creative. It has a colorful and artsy design, making it the perfect purchase.

This is a high-quality board made from Canadian maple wood. It will provide you with an unparalleled riding experience. Beleev is an expert brand at making skateboarding smooth and safe, despite his inexperience in the field.

A smooth, quick, and bump-free ride will make your skateboarding experience more enjoyable. Furthermore, it will allow you to carve smoothly at higher speeds. This skateboard allows you to cruise for long periods of time with just one or more pushes.

Key Features

The adult beginner skateboard is designed to guarantee that the board won’t flex during slipping or braking. The skateboard comes with 60*45mm 78A wheels, ABEC-7 steel bearings, and soft PU bushings.

Beleev Skateboard tails provide skateboarders with complete control while reducing braking effort.

It can support a weight of up to 220 pounds. If you enjoy trying new things and jumping up and down curbs, this is the perfect choice for you. This skateboard makes your skateboarding experience easy and enjoyable.

If you’re a skateboarding freak, you can take your portable skateboard anywhere you want. Its small and lightweight design makes it easy to carry.

It’s a great option for traveling to the grocery store, crossing the street, or going to the park with friends.

The product has won high customer ratings and earned a solid reputation. Adult customers have overwhelmingly purchased this skateboard because it directly meets their needs.


Best choice for adults.

7 Layer Canadian Maple



Not good for bumpy roads.

Ryvorbe’s Upgraded Skateboard for Adult Beginners

Take a closer look at this Upgraded skateboard with “31”*”8″ deck size. This is a good option for adult beginners who want to learn skateboarding or some basic level tricks. 

The concave deck and emery sandpaper on this skateboard allow you to learn new tricks. These features help you gain a natural sense of being gripped.

It has seven layers of 10mm Canadian maple and non-slip grip tape, with a weight capacity of 200 lbs. Skateboard has 52mm long PU wheels adjusted with ABEC-9 bearings and bushings. 

The skateboard is suitable for slick and bumpy roads, as well as skateboarding parks.  It offers a smooth and lightning-fast ride. It comes with built-in board tools for minor repairs. The package purchase is incredibly cost-effective.

Key Features

Skateboard has a deck size of 31″ x 8″ and a catchy creative design. It is a masterpiece for minimalist skateboarders. The double kick deck makes it easier to switch directions without reorienting the entire skateboard.

The brand utilizes a thermal transfer process to produce its latest deck designs. The brand can offer excellent printing durability with this method. Moreover, they employ a minimalist black and white graphic design.

This product comes with a money-back guarantee. As an adult, you will have a smooth long-lasting skateboarding journey.

It looks great and contains everything adult beginners need. This product has received rave reviews recently among other options. This product has received crazy customer responses on different marketplaces.


Durable deck design.

ABEC-9 bearings.

Minimalist black & white graphic style.

Made of 7 layers of Canadian maple.

It can bear up to 200lbs.


Not suitable for bumpy roads.

Magneto Mini Cruiser Longboard

Magnetic Mini Cruiser Longboard is another great option for people who are looking for a sturdy and solid skateboard. It is nice and sturdily built, as well as very comfortable to ride. It features a simple yet elegant design.

The deck’s length is 27.5 inches and is made of two materials, Canadian maple and bamboo. 

All Magneto boards are developed in collaboration with skateboarders from the Southern California region, giving them a significant advantage.

The skateboard measures 27.5″ long, 7.5″ wide, and has a dynamic wheelbase of 18.5″. It functions similarly to the other boards discussed earlier in this article.

Key Features

Magneto skateboards are constructed from a durable DECK comprised of six traditional maple plies and bamboo.

The blend of woods in this skateboard makes it a long-lasting option for buyers. It has a sand grit finish on the top so you can grip the board with your feet even if you don’t wear shoes.

Skateboards like this one are extremely portable, space-saving, and contain no plastic components. This product uses gravity cast aluminum. The wheels and bushings of skateboards are made of high-quality SGR polyurethane.

This is a well-reputed product with a strong fan following among skateboarders. It is made with exquisite detail, which ensures you won’t be disappointed! Nevertheless, it is a better choice for adults.


High-quality deck.

Made of bamboo and Canadian maple.

Polyurethane wheels.


Might not perform well on rocks.

Magneto Barefoot Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Magneto is another highly recognized brand in the skateboard industry. All of their skateboards are made by professionals who have extensive knowledge in this niche. 

Longboard company operating at the same location as where longboarding started. They highlight basic aesthetics, natural materials, and simple designs inspired by surf culture in the area.

The board has a length of 27.5″ and a wheelbase of 18.5″. The magneto barefoot small cruiser has a Canadian maple deck with 6 plies. 

Magnetic barefoot skateboard decks are extremely strong and durable. These types of skateboards make excellent one-time purchases.

Key Features

I’m not sure why this skateboard is called a barefoot mini cruiser. Our knowledge of Magneto board tells us it has a maple deck with a unique graphic in order to keep your feet in place. This makes little sense considering the name.

This skateboard has a sand grit finish on top. Therefore, whether you have something on your feet or not doesn’t matter. Either way, you will experience a smooth ride.

Magnetic bare mini cruiser skateboard is ideal for people who travel a lot since it’s lightweight and easy to use. Featuring a lightweight and convenient design, this skateboard is ideal for cruising around or performing tricks.

Aside from being space-saving, this skateboard does not contain any plastic components. Just like other products, the brand eschews plastic in favor of gravity-cast aluminum.

This skateboard’s wheels and bushings consist of high-quality SGR polyurethane. I like the build quality they are offering, and it feels more like a beach cruiser.


Made of 6 full plies of Canadian maple.

Sand grit finishing.

No plastic usage.

Durable design.

We can use it barefoot.


Not suitable for kids.

Flybar 31” x 8” Skateboard for Adult Beginners

Flybar is a great choice for those who are looking for the best skateboards for taking initiative. Flybar is one of the most popular brands on the market and their 31′ * 8″ deck makes it an excellent choice for adult beginners. 

A Flybar product has been on the market since 1918. Flybar began with pogo sticks but has since added more than 400 items to its catalog.

Flybar’s 31″ skateboard is an exciting option to take initiative.

The Flyber comes with a concave deck measuring 31 x 8 and 7ply maple wood. Adults will really appreciate the size of this skateboard.

A skateboard weighing just 5 pounds lets you master any trick effortlessly. Don’t worry about putting massive loads on it. Flybar puts safety as the priority in their products.

Key Features

Flybar PU wheels & Flybar ABEC bearings provide a smooth ride, regardless of the road conditions. The Flybar skateboards are made with high-quality materials, making them an excellent choice for cruising.

With Flybar 31″ you get a hard and medium bushing for smooth and controlled turning, as well as 4MM rider pads which add height to support wheel bite. Therefore, it is a good skateboard for adults who are just starting out skateboarding.

You will love this skateboard if you buy it as an adult. Smooth wheel turning and a solid grip make it superior to alternatives. This skateboard is available in a wide variety of colors.


Lightweight skateboard.

ABEC-9 bearings of next-level quality.

4MM Rider pads.


Not perfect for professional skateboarders.

WHOME Pro Skateboard for Adult Beginners

Selecting a skateboard brand can be overwhelming when you’re just getting started. Are you curious about one of the leading skateboard brands on the market? Whome Pro Skateboard is a great skateboard for starters as well as for those who want a good product. 

The team at Whome pro skateboard realized that new skateboarders often stop skating just because their wheels are too hard. To solve the problem of initiators, Whome pro introduced 53mm 88A larger and softer wheels.

Whome company is an innovator. “Pro Skateboard” is a result of analyzing all the feedback from their customers and skateboarders. The skateboard measures 1 x 8 inches and has an 18-inch wheelbase.

The Whome Pro can support a maximum weight of 220 pounds. The Whome pro truck skateboard features steel shafts and aluminum alloy construction. They also provide ABEC-9 bearings, which are of the highest quality in the skateboarding market.

Key Features

PU wheels from Whome Pro are corrosion-resistant, as opposed to cruising wheels. The skateboard can be used to practice different tricks and to learn basic skating skills. The skateboard allows you to do ollies, kickflips, grinds, and all other tricks that you see on social media.

Low prices might make you think that quality is inferior as well. Nonetheless, our experts have tried it with a full load and under a variety of conditions. The results are similar to what is offered in expensive skateboards.


Good for beginners.

Double kick design deck.

High-quality soft wheels made of PU.



Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard

The Cal 7 Complete Standard is the best option for adult beginners. It matches the needs of beginner and experienced skateboarders alike. It comes with a deck size ranging from 7.5 to 8.0 inches and is available in many designs and colors. 

This skateboard is ideal for skating tricks in the front yard, on the road, or for the first time in a park. The skateboard will perform efficiently at any location available for skateboarding.  

It is Cal 7’s mission to make boards for skaters by skaters who believe in what makes a good board. Premium hardware and solid design along with a lighter weight make this skateboard a versatile choice.

The deck features 52mm 99A polyurethane wheels with pre-applied grip tape made from seven-ply maple wood.

Key Features

You don’t have to worry about your skateboard breaking while you’re having fun because it comes with a one-year warranty. There is one year of coverage against manufacturer defects.

In addition to the safety features, the Cal 7 skateboard comes with 5.25-inch aluminum trucks and ABEC-7 stainless steel bearings, making it an excellent choice for adult beginners.

Cal 7 provides smooth skateboarding with its 3mm riser pads and HR95A bushings that eliminate wheel bite and allow effortless carving.

As an adult, you’ll appreciate this skateboard’s design and quality. This brand provides everything necessary to maintain consistency. This skateboard will be a reliable partner from the beginning to the end of your skateboarding journey.


Variety of sizes and designs.

ABEC-7 stainless steel bearings.

HR95A bushings.

A one-year warranty is included.


There is room for improvement in support.  

Quest Rorshack 34″ Skateboard

Quest is one of the famous brands in the skateboarding world. To meet the needs of the various categories of customers, the brand offers a variety of product lines. It comes with powerful graphics and has all the features to facilitate adult riders. 

Currently, the product is available only in one color. The company does not prohibit either gender from purchasing the product. However, this design will appeal more to males. 

This longboard has 34 * 9 * 4.5 inches dimensions for deck, which is comfortable for adult customers. Quest is a Chinese brand, however, knows the requirements of American skateboarders. 

There will be many of you who are worried about the additional shipping cost now. The brand has a warehouse in America, so this item won’t be subject to shipping charges.

Key Features

The main objective of beginner skateboarders is to get a strong grip. Thankfully, the brand has recognized the need and has made it easier by offering this product.

Wheels may hurt but trucks don’t. While riding on this skateboard, you can enjoy twisting movements. It comes with ABEC 7 bearings, which is considered a next-level solution for beginner riders.

Beginners are most likely to enjoy the overall product performance. However, polyurethane wheels could be smoother. In the beginning, you may have difficulty rolling on rocks. There won’t be an issue if you are learning skateboarding in parks or on plane roads.

The length will provide sufficient stability for a ride and also portability. Its excluded from the longboard creates difficulty in carrying to different places. Additionally, the look is also conducive to creating positive impressions on friends.


Portable design.

Classy look.

Made with durable wood.


The material of the wheels could be better.

SANSIRP 31″ Skateboard

SANSIRP Team’s high-quality manufacturing ensures every skateboard has a modern-looking concave surface and is more enjoyable to use.

The SANSIRP focuses heavily on the design and production of each component in addition to providing high-quality products and excellent service. Therefore, this skateboard is ideal for both beginners and advanced riders.

In the market for the best skateboards for adult beginners, Sansirp is one of the best providers. The skateboard comes in fully assembled form. The skateboard is designed according to your needs and is ready for use.

The skateboard is made from maple wood and features an emery non-slip surface that provides a stable and forceful grip. With these features, it is easier for skateboarders to maintain balance on the skateboard. It’s ideal for trying out new tricks.

Key Features

The skateboard has ABEC-7 bearings that allow the wheels to move smoothly. The deck is printed using heat transfer, not stickers, so the paint lasts a long time.

It can hold a maximum weight of 222 pounds. This skateboard has flashing wheels. The skateboard keeps you safe, ultra-light, and balanced when riding it in the dark.


High-quality product.

Flashing wheels.

The weight load capacity of 222 pounds.



Scientoy 31″ x 8″ Skateboard for Adult Beginners

It is another excellent skateboard in the market that is also suitable for adult beginners. The skateboard has a size of 31’*8″ 9-Layer maple wood deck size and with a high-quality double kick concave design the board is a perfect fit for anyone of any age.

The skateboard has 95A high rebound soft PU wheels and ABEC-7 bearings for improved balance, shock absorption, and overall skateboarding performance.

With unique blue graffiti, this skateboard stands out among other similar products utilizing thermal transfer printing. The designers didn’t make any compromises because they knew how heavily they were going to be used.

Three coats of paint and nonslip grip tape were used to increase the product’s safety. You can use it for commuting, skate parks, ramps, pools, or rough surfaces like bumpy roads or bumpy parks.  

In addition to the skateboard, it comes with a repair kit, which includes a multipurpose wrench, four-wheel screws, and two truck screws.

Key Features

Since it is assembled, you can just skateboard with your friends and family without having to worry about the assembly.

Therefore, if you are looking for a gift to give to your children, or to younger siblings, this is the best choice for you. It will be an excellent present for adults.


High-quality product.

Made of 9-layered maple wood.

ABEC-7 bearings.

Comes with a basic toolkit.

Waterproof three-layer paint coatings.


There are none.

Final Words

In the above list, we have outlined the best skateboard for beginners. The list we’ve created above represents many hours of organic research about each product in detail. We wish to deliver you the most authentic information possible. 

Simply reading the description and pros and cons of each product will allow you to choose one of your options quickly. 

Our goal is to save you time. Although the order in which the goods appear on this list is not a rating, it is the personal opinion of one person.

Hopefully, you will find this article useful. Share it with your peers and the people who have just developed an interest in skateboarding.

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