Best Skateboards for Beginner Boys

Skateboarding as a sport has been around for a while and our guide will list down the best skateboards for beginner boys to get them started with skateboarding in the right direction.

Featured Recommendations


Metroller Complete Skateboard

  • Made of Aluminum Maple Material.
  • Polyurethane Wheel Material.
  • 220 lbs Load Capacity.
  • Nine Different Colors Available.
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Sangde’s Easy Way Complete Skateboard

  • Made of Wood Maple Material.
  • Polyurethane Wheel Material.
  • 224 lbs Load Capacity.
  • Seven Different Colors Available.
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Magneto Kicktail Cruiser Longboard

  • Made of Aluminum, Bamboo, Maple Material.
  • Polyurethane Wheel Material.
  • 220 lbs Load Capacity.
  • Three Different Colors For Wheels.
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Those who are just starting out in skateboarding are often tentative about going outside for their first try. With time, practice, and the best skateboards for beginners you will become more enthusiastic about the sport. So, drop that board on the deck and start rolling it is time.

Find Out The Best Skateboards For Beginner Boys

In skateboarding culture, it is best known to be started when you are still young so that it would be easier for you to adapt to the sport easily.

Skateboarding is a very physical activity and you must be sure that your body is strong enough to be able to carry it out.

If you are still young but would like to have a taste of skateboarding, the best thing for you would be to find out what kind of skateboard best fits your height because it is one of the best things to consider during skateboarding.

The best skateboards for beginner boys are those that are smaller than usual so that they can easily flip and control them.

Skateboarders usually start this sport when they are young because it is best to learn how to control or maneuver an object that you can easily lift and bring with you.

Also, the skateboards for beginner boys should have a soft and flexible deck for easy spins and flips. So, without wasting any further time let’s begin with an overview of recommended skateboards.

A Quick Overview of Best Skateboards for Beginner Boys

Top Pick
Metroller Complete Skateboard
Aluminum, Maple Polyurethane 220 lbs 10 CHECK PRICE
Sangde’s Easy Way Complete Skateboard
Wood, Maple Polyurethane 224 lbs 08 CHECK PRICE
Magneto Kicktail Cruiser Longboard
Aluminum, Bamboo, Maple Polyurethane 220 lbs 03 CHECK PRICE
ANIMILES Mini Cruiser Skateboard
Polypropylene Polyurethane 220 lbs 05 CHECK PRICE
TABKEER Standard Complete Skateboard
Wood Polyurethane 220 lbs 02 CHECK PRICE
OUDEW Drop Through Longboard
Aluminum, Maple Polyurethane 250 lbs 09 CHECK PRICE
PHNHOLUN Complete 31″ Skateboards
Aluminum, Maple Polyurethane 220 lbs 05 CHECK PRICE
PHOEROS Complete Starter Skateboard
Maple Polyurethane 220 lbs 05 CHECK PRICE
CARPO Complete Skateboard
Aluminum, Maple Polyurethane 220 lbs 03 CHECK PRICE
AIRDOOO Complete Standard Skateboard
Aluminum, Maple Polyurethane 220 lbs 04 CHECK PRICE

Metroller Complete Skateboard

Metroller offers some unique designs in the world of skateboarding. The brand is renowned for its affordable and high-quality products.

Furthermore, you can customize METROLLER Skateboards in different offered skateboards like for this one you can choose among 10 colors. 

Beginner boys will enjoy a safe and comfortable ride on the 31×8 deck size and polyurethane wheels.

Their designers claim to spend the majority of their time designing the product. This company produces some of the best designs in the world. 

Portable products with a load capacity of 220 pounds will arrive in black bags. A bag on your shoulder can appear more classy than a skateboard in your hands.

Key Features

A METROLLER Skateboard is constructed using maple wood and aluminum. It is rare to find a skateboard with 7 layers of maple wood, aluminum trucks, and ABEC-9 bearings. This durable product will deliver you what you paid for.

A skateboard is complex to assemble, which is why no one enjoys doing it. The brand has already addressed this issue. You will receive a fully assembled skateboard at your home.

Beginners find it difficult to maintain their balance on rough surfaces. This is why the brand developed this skateboard in an effort to resolve this issue. It features a set of 54mm 95A PU wheels for an enjoyable ride.

Keeping your grip on the deck of the boat is essential for safe travel. In addition, the METROLLER helps you avoid slipping. Your grip will be more improved with adjusted sandpaper and concave design.

Our professionals have tested this product from all angles. The product did not have any defects. Unfortunately, the quality of the bag needed to be improved. There are chances that the delivered bag will be ripped off too early.


Durable and Stable.

Smooth deck.

Fast and Catchy.


The bag could be of better quality.

Sangde’s Easy Way Complete Skateboard

Sangde creates stunning skateboard graphics. Since its launch, the brand has released several skateboarding products. This Easy-Way Complete Skateboard is specially designed for beginner boys. 

Colors are available in many hues, but the majority are designed for boys. However, the price may vary when changing the color. 

In terms of color, the old tree is the best and most expensive. The brand charges more for better graphics. Otherwise, no difference is made. 

Some people don’t have flat surfaces where they can skateboard. Luckily, Sangde figured out the problem and gave us PU flashing wheels. With these wheels, you can ride smoothly on rocks as well.

Key Features

This deck comes with a standard size (31x8x4) and is finished in dull polish. These features assist with keeping the feet balanced. The dull finish prevents you from slipping. The product supports a weight capacity of 224 lbs.

Manufacturers should give more attention to ensuring smooth riding for beginners. Keeping foot balance or maintaining grip becomes quite easier when the deck is smooth.

Easy-Way skateboards have ABEC-11 bearings and alloy trucks that enable smooth turning and twisting.

Easy-Way Skateboards also include a tool, bearings, and water cooler. Skateboard wheels can be tightened or replaced without visiting a mechanic.

Easy-Way is a colorful skateboard made for creative people. You can customize the color and design with an additional set of watercolors and stickers. This type of customization is not available in any alternative options.


Waterproof non-slip grip.

Extra benefits with the final product.

Durable non-slip deck.


The material could be better.

Magneto Kicktail Cruiser Longboard

Longboard skateboards can also be a good option for beginner boys. Magneto Mini designs reflect the local skateboard culture. The company has assembled the best skateboard materials available in California. 

Urethane wheels and aluminum trucks on the product offer additional traction. Additionally, all wheels and deck measurements are also made for the same reason. 

Magnato Mini Cruiser has a deck 44 x 9 inches and 70 x 51 mm wheels. These measurements make it easy to maneuver in the beginning phase.  

If the wheels in blue aren’t your cup of tea, you can select either black or red to make them your own. Colorful wheels will look marvelous on a plane skateboard. 

The brand belief in sand grout as opposed to grip tape for non-slippery decks. This will prevent your feet from slipping and help you maintain a strong grip.

Key Features

Flexibility in riding style is another factor that makes Magneto Mini Cruiser the best product. This lightweight skateboard can be used for cruising, freestyling, or dancing, etc.

The real flexibility of turning movements comes from the quality of bearings and trucks. The gravity-cast aluminum in this longboard offers smooth turns and exceptional twisting.

In comparison with alternative solutions, the product will be more expensive. Considering other factors such as offered quality and features it will be a reasonable purchase.

It allows you to deal with many outdoor activities like transportation to college, having fun at the beach, park, or pump tracks. It will help in making your personality more apparent.


Flexibility for riding style.

Strong grip.

Admirable look.


Bamboo will start vibrating too earlier.

ANIMILES Mini Cruiser Skateboard

ANIMILES is made with polyurethane material and has 78A durometer hardness. This product comes in six color combinations. The red color is the cheapest among all the options. 

Deck length is shorter than a standard skateboard. However, having a wider deck will help you to have better stability. 

ANIMILES’ skateboards are based on the diamond concept. The LED wheels look fantastic with the colorful deck. No matter which deck design you choose, the LED wheels will be the same color.   

The ANIMILES Mini skateboard can support a maximum weight of 220 pounds. This is sufficient for most beginner boys. Polyurethane wheels adjusted for optimum performance appear shiny and attractive.

Key Features

The brand knows people dislike being involved in the complex process of assembling a skateboard. Considering the fact the brand delivers a skateboard in fully assembled or ready-to-use form.

A lightweight product suitable for taking anywhere – college, the park, or wherever you go. This portable product is also easier to store.

Furthermore, the brand has installed ABEC-7 bearings and aluminum alloy trucks. Choosing this option for your skateboarding will be a more secure option.

The product has an injection cushion to ensure your safety. There are very few skateboarding brands covering this issue.

Nighttime makes the wheels look amazing when they glow in the dark. This will help you elicit your skateboarding emotions.

There are four sturdy columns at the base, which allow it to handle heavy loads. This feature also lends it a stylish appearance and enhances its stability.

We tested this product with various prospects. We did not find any fault in ANIMILES skateboard except the short deck length.


Extra features for a smooth ride.

LED wheels are unique.

High-quality material.


Deck Length could be better.

TABKEER Standard Complete Skateboard

TABKEER is a prominent skateboarding brand. The company offers many types of skateboards on the market. Choosing this board is the perfect start for a boy taking his first steps. 

A complete skateboard weighs 5.75 pounds. In comparison with the competition, it is a little more expensive. However, you can take it anywhere you like.  

TABKEER has used high-quality material for this skateboard. It is available in two different colors, blue and purple. There is no difference in price between the two colors. 

The brand has focused on delivering a smooth and secured ride experience through this product. The use of soft wheels and quality bearings is specifically geared for beginner boys’ comfort.

Just like the majority of the skateboard, it will also be delivered in fully assembled form. It will be ready for you to use at the moment you receive it.

Key Features

You can perform any style of skateboarding using this skateboard. You can try flips, ollies, and any other tricks common in your area. It has the expertise to make you comfortable and stable on any type of surface.

Some of you may feel the problem of being stuck in the cracks. Normal skateboards in the local market aren’t resolving this problem. TABKEER Standard Skateboard will help you keep track even during high-speed skating.

The product performance is impressive from all prospects. This is the most suitable product at a low price. The first short with TABKEER skateboard will be a memorable experience.


Flexible for all skateboarding styles.

Maple wood for the deck.

Polyurethane wheels.

Sturdy and Smooth.


Wood ply could be better.

OUDEW Drop Through Longboard

OUDEW presents its longboard in an incredibly stylish and unique shape. Currently, the product is available in nine different colors. These colors appeal to nature lovers and appear simple and subtle. 

The product is a powerful combination of maple and aluminum materials. For the deck, they have used 8-ply layers of maple wood. The use of maple material has made it sturdy and a little expensive. 

The combination of alloy aluminum for trucks and polyurethane for wheels is quite impressive. The OUDEW skateboard will appeal to boys who have recently taken the initiative. 

It allows the maximum weight of 250 pounds which is enough limit for boys. Sturdy and comfortable decks make the skateboard stable even if you’re riding on gravel or a sidewalk.

Key Features

It’s rare to find a skateboard with a thirty-day return policy. This skateboard will arrive in a ready-to-ride condition. Beginners have a hard time with unassembled skateboards.

The majority of longboard brands don’t take speed movement seriously. However, OUDEW isn’t one of them. You get 50mm anti-shock PU wheels with an ABEC-9 bearing for a secure speed ride.

With some skateboards, you will probably have to change the wheels after a couple of days. This product comes with action-hard wheels. With these wheels, you can ride on hard surfaces without experiencing any jerks.

The overall product doesn’t have any issue or element to dislike. The brand is new in the skateboarding world and produces products locally. This brand understands the cultural values of skateboarders and produces products accordingly.

As a downside, the brand needs to enhance its customer support services. Ordered skateboards may come with poor-quality parts. In this case, exchanging the product will become a problem.


Sturdy and comfortable.

Classy and shiny color.

30-day return warranty.



PHNHOLUN Complete 31″ Skateboards

PHNHOLUN produces elegant skateboards for creative people. This standard-size skateboard will be delivered in fully assembled form. It has everything initiators can demand. 

This product design has a forest theme specifically made for boys. PHNHOLUN allows you to show off your skateboarding skills aggressively. The skateboard will be a great choice for smooth and secure riding. 

This lightweight product can be used for all kinds of cruising styles. Regardless of which style of tricks you like to perform, you can use this product for any of them. It will fulfill all of your requirements under every condition. The product is made of high-quality 8-ply maple wood and has PU wheels that can carry a maximum weight of 220 lbs. 

The product flexibility for all styles of skateboarding allows you to take it as a lifetime skateboard. The high-quality material and standard sizing make it a lifetime partner.

Key Features

Parents can gift their boys this skateboard on their birthdays. The use of materials and the design of the deck will make this the best gift.

It can support up to 220 pounds. The weight limit is sufficient for boys who want to take charge. This skateboard is also delivered fully assembled, just like most others.

It will be the best choice from a security point of view. For best practices, we recommend wearing other security equipment as well.

According to our analysis, the product is the best on everything except the wheels. The absence of this feature will not cause any problems for teenagers. However, initiators below 7 can face instability issues.

All colors are divided based on numbers and have the same price except for category 03. The 03 design is outstanding and incredibly fine.


Sturdy and durable.

Looks catchy.

PU wheels and bushing.


Wheel supporters could be better.  

PHOEROS Complete Starter Skateboard

Are you wondering what to get for your boy for Christmas? Then PHOEROS is the solution for you. The selected skateboard with Father Christmas design will be the best present. 

PHOEROS is a reliable brand with a strong brand image in the skateboarding world. They have launched a variety of successful series of skateboards over the years. The selected skateboard also has a positive reputation among newbies.  

Using these great designs will have a positive impact on your school or community. It will make you look cool and evoke your emotions easily. This will surely be a source of joy and fun in your entire skateboarding journey.   

You can also purchase the product in other colors. This is a special edition product for the Christmas event. There are also crystal and multicolor products available to customers. My personal favorite is Rainbo.

PHOEROS offers a standard deck size in 7-ply layers of Canadian Maple wood. This deck is suitable for boys weighing up to 220lbs. This skateboard is excellent for beginners boys.

Key Features

PHOEROS Skateboards does not require complex assembly procedures. Similar to many other alternatives, this skateboard will also be delivered in a ready-to-ride condition.

The use of a non-slip deck and waterproof sandpaper is extremely beneficial for beginners. The deck is stable, making it easier to perform tricks. In addition, you can also use this skateboard for advanced tricks.

A number of other efforts have also been made to ensure stability, such as aluminum trucks, emery slip-resistant tape, and ABEC-11 bearings. These features will keep you on track even on a high-speed or cracked surface.


Smooth riding experience.

Overall, high-quality material.

Best for gifts.


Additional price for customized colors.

CARPO Complete Skateboard

CARPO is another lightweight product with a load capacity of 220 lbs. This product comes in three different colors E, C, and D. All colors look incredible and enhance your personality in the community. 

With 8 layers of Hardrock maple wood and a concave shape, this product has a mediate appearance. These features make it a sturdy and safe partner for all riding styles.   

The skateboard’s bottom involves PU wheels, with different colors depending on what skateboard option you choose, and aluminum trucks for smooth turning.   

You can use it in an array of ways such as pivoting, flipping, freestyling, or any other style. All measurements of this skateboard such as 5-inch trucks, 52-mm bearing, and 31×7.8 inches deck are the best for smooth riding. 

You can give this colorful skateboard to your friend or use it yourself for a lifetime. This skateboard will support you in learning basic as well as advanced tricks.

Key Features

The Carpo Pro is delivering this skateboard in the fully assembled form to minimize your time and efforts. Just get it out of the box and start your skateboarding journey.

CARPO skateboards have all the functionalities necessary for your initial movements. With the provided wheels and aluminum trucks, you can ride smoothly along the sidewalk or make smooth turns.

In terms of product design, it adheres to the culture of skateboarding. If you are a parent, you can purchase this for your boy. According to our analysis, your son will be happier to receive it as a gift.


Culture-based design.

Strong deck and wheels.

Flexible and customizable design.


No solution for the dry deck.

AIRDOOO Complete Standard Skateboard

We decided to choose the last product of AIRDOOO. Their products have a large number of loyal followers around the world.

They make skateboards from maple and aluminum. Moreover, it has all the functionality for newbies to make it easy.    

Other skateboard manufacturing companies can’t beat the design of AIRDOOO skateboards. Its design, like the stars, the American flag, and the checkerboard, make it chic and stylish. 

This skateboard is made from a 7-ply layer of the highest quality maple. It has a weight capacity of 220 pounds which is much higher than alternative options. 

AIRDOOO Skateboard is convenient for all styles of skateboarding. Features like the concave design, the non-skid deck, and the U-type Pedigramics make it an all-around product. 

You might be curious about starting skateboarding right now. The company did not value patience either and delivered an assembled product.

Key Features

A good thing about the product is that it can be purchased in all colors, materials, and measurements for the same price. You can freely select any skateboard to take the initiative in your skateboarding journey.

The manufacturer of skateboards put extra effort into designing this product. For example, they used a heat transfer system to extend product life and U-shaped frames for better deck balance.


Classy design.

Durable and smooth.

Special features for a strong grip.


Little expensive.

Worldwide Skateboarding Trends

Many boys are unsure whether to join skateboarding or not. Skateboarding is fun to play and a brilliant option for a career. Even adults can opt for skateboarding as a career option with the best skateboards for adult beginners in the arsenal.

The Skateboarding trend dropped a couple of years ago. Nevertheless, some positive changes such as skateboarding tournaments at the Olympics and the availability of the Covid 19 vaccine have increased its value. Hopefully, skateboarding will once again be in vogue as it was in 2006.

Worldwide Skateboarding Trends

Be Safe Before You Skateboard

After all, safety is of the utmost importance in skateboarding as it can be risky at times. Therefore, we recommend you wear the following equipment to be safe.

  • Helmet 
  • Arm Guard 
  • Padded Gloves 
  • Cup 
  • Shoulder plus rib pads 
  • Mouth Guard

Final Words

Associating with skateboarding can provide you with many social and health-related benefits. Some skateboarders left too young, and fewer are still enjoying the sport in their golden years. 

Boys are gradually becoming more passionate about skateboarding. According to Statista, around 6.61 million people do skateboarding worldwide and the majority are boys. 

Not all beginner boys will need the same type of skateboard. We have selected a number of products with descriptions, pros and cons, and specifications to help you make your decision.

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