Different Types of Skateboards

There are several types of skateboards, and each type can vary in size, shape, durability, material used, and configuration. We’ll explore each type and examine their uses!

Skateboard Types You Should Know About

Skateboarding is a challenging sport. Meanwhile, real passion drives you to overcome obstacles. I’m pleased to offer you skateboarding information as a skateboarding enthusiast.

Initially, everyone was riding a standard-size skateboard. As skateboarding became more and more popular throughout the world & social benefits of skateboarding grew in number, many new types of skateboarding emerged.

It is important to choose the right skateboard for the right situation. For example, beginners should use skateboards that are meant for beginners, as opposed to finding skateboards that are intended for professionals. We have tried to cover maximum types of skateboards based on ample facts.

01 – Mini Cruiser Skateboards

It is a miniature version of the Cruiser skateboard. These skateboards are specially designed for kids. Therefore kids who are new to skateboarding or doing tricks at the intermediate level can use this skateboard.

The Mini Cruiser Skateboard provides more balance for kids than the larger cruiser skateboard.

Mini Cruiser Skateboard
Short Board

02 – Short Boards

Street skateboarders typically use shortboards. Whereas, you can enjoy performing tricks on the road and undergo the thrill of racing.

This skateboard meets the needs of young guys showing off their skills on the road.

03 – Old School Skateboards

In the beginning, skateboards were built with fishtail decks. Whereas, old-school skateboards are still very popular and in demand.

The manufacturers of old-school boards use stylish stickers to make them look classy. Moreover. the Old School Boards wheels are made with hard material, which makes them challenging for beginners.

Old School Skateboard

04 – Longboards

In contrast to a standard board, longboards are longer in length. Anyone can use a longboard and it is available in multiple colors.

Longboards are usually portable and smooth. Particularly, beginners of skateboarding should choose the longboard as their first board.

The Different Types Of Longboards

There are many types of longboards out there, but most of them fall into one or more categories. By categorizing longboards, we can better understand what the longboard is about and how it is supposed to be used.

01 – The Classic Longboard

Maintaining balance and grip is relatively easier on the longboard. This is why most trainers advise beginners to take the initiative on a longboard.

The standard deck length for a longboard is 33 inches, but it can be longer. Longboards are ancient, and they’re common these days.

Classic Longboard
Downhill Longboard

02 – The Downhill Longboard

It definitely is a longboard since it belongs to that category. Although the design of the product is different from those of the other longboards.

Skateboarders consider this longboard to be superior to others based on certain facts. These facts include the ability to push the skateboard and the sense of being close to the ground.

03 – Bamboo Longboard

A longboard is a less-weight product, but this one is more portable. You can store it easily and hold it in your hand comfortably. A bearing chosen for bamboo longboards gives a feeling of spring.

You won’t experience any cracks on the road while you ride a bamboo longboard. That is why bamboo skateboards are so popular among skateboarders.

Bamboo longboard
Penny Nickel

04 – Penny Nickel

The plastic material on these skateboards creates a much better appearance than others made with wood material. Most female skateboarders prefer penny nickels.

These skateboards are introduced with a very catchy style these days; even boys are inspired by them. Penny Nickel skateboards are also portable and look incredible.

05 – One Wheel

Skateboarding on a skateboard with one wheel can be quite challenging. Skateboard professionals most commonly use this tool to display their pro-level tricks to the audience. The skateboards are not standard off-road, but easy to buy.

Wheel skateboard is also an electric skateboard. This cannot work traditionally since pushing the skateboard will lead to falling off the deck. This is the most challenging choice among all the skateboards.

One Wheel
Slalom Skateboard

06 – Slalom Skateboard

Some of you have probably heard of slalom skateboards. It is the type of skateboarding performed on the hillside. Skateboarders compete in slalom competitions to demonstrate their skills to an interested audience. You must pay close attention to learn these tricks, as they are above-level.

The concept of skateboarding has spread throughout the world. A slalom skateboard is therefore specifically designed for this type of skateboarding. The product will prevent you from hitting the hillside.

07 – Vert Skateboard

Vert skateboarding is a technique that only skilled skateboarders can perform. Most of the exhibitions are based on this skateboarding technique. In my opinion, this is the most entertaining way to skateboard.

Vert Skateboarding is not possible unless a person has acquired the basic skateboarding techniques. A vert skateboard is the most entertaining form of skateboarding.

Vert Skateboard
Electric Skateboards

08 – Electric Skateboards

A lot of people are using electric skateboards these days. Everybody wants to adopt technology since it reduces human effort. With the electric skateboard, you will be able to push with less effort and also feel more bound. There are many tricks that can only be performed on traditional skateboards.

With this skateboard, you can move faster in crowded areas and make an impression on other skateboarders. Electric skateboards are more expensive than traditional skateboards.

09 – Caster Boards

You must have heard of caster or J-board before. It is the only skateboard with two decks. At the midpoint of these two decks is a metal beam bar. The purpose of the metal beam bar is to make the connection between both decks.

Caster Boards are a little costly and also in demand. The speed of the caster board is much greater than that of older skateboards, which is why many skateboarding instructors use caster boards to teach their students.

Caster Boards
Cruiser Skateboard

10 – Cruiser Skateboard

Cruiser skateboards are outstanding for performing the basic skating trick called cruising. One or two power pushes on these skateboards can allow the rider to travel a great distance. Cruiser Skateboard’s standard deck size with kick tails helps you ride for longer periods of time.

Our recommendation is to consider this skateboard when you are comfortable balancing on a skateboard. There are several manual tricks you can perform with this portable solution. The majority of skateboarders on the street prefer cruiser boards.

11 – Freestyle Skateboard

With this skateboard, you can do freestyles, which have been incorporated into skateboarding for a long time. Every skateboarder in America wants to be a famous freestyle skateboarder. The trend is spreading aggressively through social media.

The reason for the high demand for these skateboards is that people want to learn the freestyle technique of their influencers. The graphics on freestyle skateboards are usually better compared to other standard skateboards.

Freestyle Skateboard
Downhill Skateboard

12 – Downhill Skateboard

The primary purpose of a downhill skateboard is to facilitate sports activities. Only professional skateboarders take an interest in these skateboards. These skateboards have higher movement speeds compared to other types of skateboards.

Downhill skateboarders have a hard time controlling speed and gripping their feet. Even professional skateboarders spend a lot of time mastering it. It is more dangerous to go downhill skateboarding as opposed to any other form of skateboarding.

13 – Street Skateboard

In terms of the number of tricks, street skateboarding has the largest fan following. Many people skateboard in public to earn money. People perform these tricks at specific locations in town.

As long as you follow some limitations under your country’s law, street skateboarding is considered safe. In many countries, skaters are already subject to a no-skating rule, and they must do so within certain boundaries.

A Street Skateboard helps you avoid the barriers on the road. The product deck size played a crucial role in increasing the comfortability of street skateboarders. Typically, street skateboards come with a 7.50 x 8-inch deck.

Street Skateboard
Park Skateboard

14 – Park Skateboard

Most people do not have access to specialized skateboarding parks, so they made do with any park nearby. Park skateboarding requires a park skateboard.

With a park skateboard, doing tricks on hurdles is much easier. You can also use this board to perform stunts on rails. Skateboarding in the park may be prohibited in your country. Try to learn the laws for secure sport.

15 – Bowl & Pool Skateboard

Bowl & pool skateboarding also require particular skateboards. You can perform real transition tricks in this style. Skateboarders involved in Bowl & Pool probably know about the Pink Motel Bowl. It is located in Los Angeles and is a significant source of entertainment for people in the surrounding areas.

These skateboards have the same shape as those designed for vert skateboarding. The only difference is the wheelbase. The skateboard has a 7.75-inch deck, which makes it easier to maintain balance.

Bowl & Pool Skateboard


In this article, we talked about skateboards of different kinds. At first, there were only standard skateboards, such as cruisers, longboards, and shortboards. Meanwhile, in response to new skateboarding styles, manufacturers began designing new products.

Depending on your needs, different skateboards are suitable in different situations. The cruiser longboard is particularly popular among beginners, while the downhill or longboard is popular with racers.

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