Fascinating Social Benefits Of Skateboarding

Skateboarding is a sport that has been around for decades and continues to grow in popularity. It’s a great way to meet new people, and socialize. Skateboarding has so many benefits it would be impossible to list them all! Join me as I explore some of the fascinating social benefits of skateboarding below.

What Skateboarding Can Do for Your Social Growth

Skateboarding has always been an essential part of my life, and it is something I’ve done for years. The best thing about skateboarding is that it brings us together to share our experiences with one another. Skateboarding allows us to connect with people from different social classes and backgrounds.

A wooden box and roller wheels were the first skateboarding equipment in the 1940s. As skateboarding gained popularity, polyurethane wheels and decks were introduced gradually. As a result skateboards of different types were introduced in the market.

A skateboarding competition was held for the first time in 1965, and then it became more popular in societies and became a social activity especially for youngsters. Every year on the 21st of June, we celebrate Go Skateboarding Day

Cultural Values & Skateboarding

Every member of society strives to protect core cultural values. Those who disregard their cultural values lose their sense of identity. From the journey of the sidewalk to skateboarding, the game has won the hearts of many people.

Moreover, skateboarding is a central value of American culture. Several facts can support this assertion. 

First, it can be seen through the eyes of people watching international or national skateboarding tournaments. A lot of people have an emotional connection with skateboarding. 

There are several types and styles of skateboarding today, and all of them follow specific techniques and rules. Those who skateboard are called Z-Boys or Dogtown-Boys.

Z-Boys perform high-level skills requiring special techniques, a form of skateboarding known as vertical skateboarding. Alternatively, you will see individuals performing basic skateboard skills on the street, known as Dogtown-Boys.

Skateboarding is considered a real form of creativity because there will be no restriction on the types, names, or tricks used. Everything you do with a skateboard that looks cool counts as a trick.  This happens a lot in freestyle skateboarding.

Skateboarding A Fashion Statement 

Haute Couture has taken skateboarding to new heights. However, today skateboarders are promoting several brands and it is generally their primary source of income.

As skateboarding evolves in fashion, brands believe it will convey the message of creativity and individuality. It’s easier for the underground young population to have a feeling of simplicity if brands target skateboarders.

Several entrepreneur skateboarders have introduced their clothing brands. Moreover, many skateboarders with good fan following are attached to the modeling industry. 

An Underlying Sense Of Community 

No matter how much we are involved in our jobs or with workplace partners, we will still feel depressed from high pressure. Here skateboarding gives you a touch of a new community that helps in getting relaxation.

The experience of meeting someone who is looking for the same thing as you is pretty amazing. Skateboarding can help people form relationships with people who share the same interests as them. Some younger people with no jobs can also join this community to earn money.   

There was a time when finding a suitable area for skateboarding was quite difficult. The world has changed today and the following graph shows which towns have the most skateboarding parks.

Number of skate parks per 100,000 residents in the United States in 2020
Number of Skate Parks Per 100,000 Residents in the United States In 2020

A Transferable Skill 

Very few games offer players the chance to acquire transferable skills. You can switch your skills between other skating games depending on the situation. You don’t need roads to show what you’ve got.

The ocean or snow are not suitable places for skateboarding. Fortunately, skateboarding is a transferable skill. You can turn your skills into wake-skating and snow skating.

Freedom For Creativity 

Rule-keeping kills creativity, and skateboarding is far from having this problem. It allows you to think and come up with new tricks and styles.

The reason for there being so many styles of skateboarding is because there are no rules. Meanwhile, everyone with great passion and a consistent approach can master the art of skateboarding.

Eliminates Fear 

When parents see their kids fall for the first time in the skateboarding park, they shakeup. They may stop their kids from learning skateboarding. Many other factors can also prevent you from learning skateboarding, such as lack of confidence, fear, and incompetence.

Those who keep going learn a valuable lesson. They recognize that people will continue to act like this in all aspects of life and that they do not have to stop. It cultivates the ability to cope with a harsh society.

Develops Importance Of Responsibility 

Skateboarding teaches you several skills through a variety of challenges. It motivates you to take fewer risks and feel more responsible. 

Skateboarding teaches you how to deal with all possible threats and be prepared in advance. This ability is also helpful to scout out all risks and act rationally in the other aspects of life.

Having the knowledge of all potential risks makes you more responsible. Being responsible in society increases your worth to other people. Whether in business, at home, or in games, you will be the top priority.  

Skateboarding’s Social Benefits: A Study

In 2016, Robert E Black conducted a survey in order to find out whether skateboarding has any social benefits. In this study, 62 skateboarders participated. The graph below illustrates his findings. 

Skateboarding's Social Benefits A Study by Robert E Black

Alleviates Boredom

Robert E Black observed that 3% of people participate in skateboarding because of boredom. They considered skateboarding as a fun way to hang out with their friends who shared the same interest. Some people opt for skateboarding as an alternative to social media. 


Skateboarding is primarily a form of recreation for most people. It can be a lot of fun and entertainment. As shown in the chart above, 42% of skateboarders got into it for pleasure. 

Sense of Achievement 

Skateboarding is a sport that very few people join with the intention of learning. Meanwhile, few people who do, each new achievement gives them satisfaction, and they are always seeking to learn more. 


Skateboarding is good for solid bonds in society. According to Robert E. Black’s research, 13% of people joined this activity to make new friends. 

As skateboarders say, making new friends is the best part of skateboarding. Most people who take part in skateboarding have a friendly nature.  

Inner Peace 

Joining skateboarding to relax your mind is a great idea. The inner peace is the second most important reason why people skateboard. 

In skateboarding, skateboarders say they have no worries. They don’t care what’s happening in the other world when they skateboard. 

Physical Health and Other Benefits

There are many healthy effects of skateboarding on the body. Unfortunately, only 3% of people join skateboarding with the primary concern of physical health. 

The fact that skateboarding is cardio in nature makes it a very effective exercise for staying in shape and you can effectively lose excess fat from your body.

Few people use skateboarding for transportation and employment. People who have been skating for years still like to use it as a means of transportation. Thus, only 1% of skateboarders pursue the sport professionally.   


The concept of skateboarding was first invented in California in the late 1940s, and it gradually became an integral part of American culture. Skateboarders have many social benefits, such as a unique identity, belonging in a community, and freedom of creativity.

No one likes you when you’re struggling, but everyone wants you when you’re successful. Skateboarding allows you to remain motivated even though very few will appreciate your efforts.  

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