How to Master the Art of Skateboarding

The moment you stop learning, you lose your success. Learning skateboarding requires consistent efforts, and people with real passion will always seek to master the art of this sport.

It is recommended that you perform skateboarding tricks under the supervision of an experienced trainer who will monitor your progress regularly. Performing under proper guidance is also essential to avoid expected injuries.

Why Should You Learn Advance Level Skills 

Numerous factors can spur a skateboarder to attempt advanced skateboarding tricks. The goal may be to be competitive, learn something new, or show something unique to Social Media fans. 

Social media fan following plays a significant role in learning advanced-level tricks. The appreciation of your viewers will always motivate you to try different types of skateboards and who knows one day you will be one of the top players of skateboarding

I remember posting skateboarding tricks on Instagram to make an impression on followers. Many skateboarders have won a strong fan following through their social media accounts.

Barriers in Mastering the Art of Skateboarding 

It takes time and practice to master skateboarding skills. Under appropriate guidance, learning advanced-level skills can greatly improve your chances of achieving a competitive edge. 

L Forsman conducted research on 139 injured skateboarders at the University Hospital of Umae to find out how people get injured while skateboarding. 

How people get injured while skateboarding

The majority of people who get injured on skateboards weren’t able to maintain a good balance on the board. It is quite common for beginners to encounter this problem. Newbies should therefore use beginner-friendly skateboards. In addition, using safety equipment and following your trainer’s instructions are the only solutions to this problem. 

It is crucial to wear a helmet, shoes, and pads to avoid any injuries. You need pads to protect your knees, elbows, and hands. However, we all know the purpose of wearing helmets and shoes. 

10 Tricks to Master the Art of Skateboarding 

There are some advanced tricks that you might already know and others you may be unaware of. You might call these tricks something else in your area. However, their methods and purpose are quite similar. 

When it comes to freestyle, there are no hard and fast rules. Everything that you do differently and have some techniques behind it will be a trick. If you learn the basic steps properly, you can perform these tricks.

Trick 1: The Feet Stomp  

It’s one of the easiest tricks in skateboarding. The best thing to do is to stand close to your skateboard and turn that up with your toes. Therefore, the technique is to jump on the board when it turns straight. There may already be some of you who start skateboarding in this style.

Trick 2: Ollie 

At the start, people love to do an ollie. This relatively more straightforward trick, take your foot on the tail of the board and push it up. Jump on the board and roll it down. Ollie is usually performed on a straight surface.

Trick 3: Board Shake  

For the Board Shake trick, you need to rotate your board with the foot heel. The skateboard will be placed 90 degrees on the earth/surface and jump on the board at the same time when it will be straight.

Trick 4: Move Body 

Moving the body is a fundamental level trick and easier to learn. Just push your board straight and move your body 360 degrees, and it will help you while learning advanced-level tricks.

Trick 5: Back Wheel Fly  

Back Wheel Fly is a little advanced-level trick. You have to roll the wheel but in a different pose. So, for this pose, firstly, you have to push the nail of your skateboard down and take the skateboard back up in the air. Learning this trick will require your time and proper attention.     

Trick 6: Front Wheel Fly 

Front Wheel Fly is the reverse of Back Wheel Fly. In this trick, you have to put your front wheel in the air. You will manage your balance from the back nail and roll the skateboard.

Trick 7: Bigspin Jump 

Bigspin Jump is standard for street or freestyle skateboarders. For this, you have to rotate your body 360 degrees and spin the skateboard in the air at the exact time. The tip to do this trick is, rotate your shoulders and turn the board with your foot.

Trick 8: Grind 

In all the above tricks you have been sliding on the wheel, now let’s try with a hanger of trucks. For this, you need an object where you can easily adjust your hanger. Role your skateboard straight on the thing and try to get stuck at the edge with the help of hangers. Hangers will move and push you slightly to the next end of the object.

Trick 9: Front Side 180

It’s pretty similar to Bigspin Jump. If we remove rolling from Bigspin Jump at the end and add stopping skateboard in reverse shape it will be called Front Side 180. Push your skate from one side in the air, rotate your body and make the feet move in reverse.

Trick 10: Axel Stall 

Axel Stall is an advanced-level trick, and skateboarders usually perform it in a skate park. Professionals and expert skateboarders use this technique to balance on the edge of objects. Here you are going to learn to balance the skateboard with the use of wheels. Role your skateboard on a straight object and try to stop yourself at the border with wheels. When reached on edge, your direction should be turned to 60 degrees.


In this article, you will find both high-end and low-end skateboarding tricks. Few of the tricks described in this article are easy to perform, such as the Feet Stomp, Ollie, and Move Body. The introductory level tricks can also be performed without the assistance of a trainer. You should, however, perform advanced-level tricks under the guidance of the coach.         

It is possible to master skateboarding tricks if you practice regularly. Hopefully, these tips will make you more proficient. Make your journey easier by beginning with the basic tricks. Do not put too much pressure on your body & brain too early on in the process. It always takes time for the human body to match the intensity of the conditions.

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