Top 10 Street Skateboarders of 2022

The top 10 street skateboarders of 2022 are ranked based on several different factors. Therefore, we have sought to explore all possibilities and resources before reaching the following results. 

Top Players Selection Criteria:

We have compiled this list of top-rated skateboarders based on multiple factors. Above all, performances in tournaments, fan followings, and skill level of players will all be taken into account for ranking purposes. 

Winning tournaments made many players famous around the world. Meanwhile, there are some skateboarders who have become favourites among fans over the years. Below, we have explored as many aspects as possible and tried to base our decisions on the most pertinent results.

Best in the Tournaments 

It is nearly impossible to analyze the performance of players in all major tournaments. In order to comply with certain limitations, therefore, we decided to select only famous ones. Some of the major tournaments we have covered include the World Cup of Skateboarding, Tokyo Olympic Games, The Dew Tour, Red Bull’s Bowl and X Games, etc.

Skateboarding World Cup is the oldest tournament considered in our analysis list. Meanwhile, those who wish to become top skateboarders must win World Cup tournaments. In my opinion, this is the best way to show talent to the entire world.

Our goal was to analyze the performance of top skateboarders in 2022. Yuto Horigome was the best performer last year. Yuto Horigome is a Japanese skateboarder who has won the recent skateboarding world cup. 

All-time favourite Skateboarders 

Regardless of the field, being an all-time favourite requires persistence and hard work. Some players, including Rodney Mullen, Daewon Song, and Nyjah Huston, are excellent at what they do. 

Many skilled players are coming from around the world. Likewise, a number of players from the USA and Japan have a solid reputation in skateboarding.

Top Skilled Skateboarders 

In addition, we have analyzed the performance of several well-known skilled skateboarders. The best-skilled players are legend Tony Hawk, Rob Dyrdek, and Jamie Thomas. Certainly, those who love skateboarding are probably familiar with these names. 

Social Media Star Skateboarders

Those who help people learn tricks are often highly regarded in the skateboarding community. Millions of people learn skateboarding tricks from Youtube channels thus stretching the extensive social benefits of skateboarding

Top Youtubers in Skateboarding are Nka Vids Skateboarding and TransWorld Skateboarding. Both Youtubers have large fan bases and loyal followers.

List of Top 10 Street Skateboarders of 2022

Yuto Horigome

01 – Yuto Horigome


This player has recently gained a great reputation in the skateboarding world. Whereas this young man was passionate about skateboarding from an early age. Recently, he won a gold medal in the Olympic Street Skateboarding.  

He achieved many outstanding achievements at a young age, such as being sponsored by the Board Company and World Skate.

Currently, Yuto Horigome is considered one of skateboarding’s biggest stars and earns millions of dollars each year. 

Nyjah Imani Huston

02 – Nyjah Imani Huston


He is an American who has won many contests in a row. During the nine-year period between 2010 and 2019, he particularly maintained a winning streak of nine matches. Meanwhile, the reason he still falls within the top 2022 skateboarders is his skills and reputation. 

He charges the highest fees of all skateboarders worldwide. Nyjah Imani Huston is the most rewarded and successful skateboarder in the history of skateboarding. 

The Element Skateboards company has sponsored him since he was a youngster. As a result of his work on the Element Skateboards platform, he has been able to build a good reputation. Nike SBMonster EnergyMountain DewRicta Wheels, etc., are some of the companies sponsoring Huston.

Rodney Mullen

03 – Rodney Mullen


Everybody knows about this legend. He is a skateboarding superstar from America. Rodney Mullen is also a champion in freestyle skateboarding. He was born in 1966 and started skateboarding from a very early age. 

Rodney Mullen has a good reputation as an entrepreneur. In addition to being the CEO of Kroger, he has invested in many businesses. 

Currently, he is about 34 years old, but he won the first tournament at the early age of fourteen. In particular, his efforts to stay fit still make Rodney Mullen a top street skateboarder around the world.

Daewon Song

04 – Daewon Song


Fourteen years ago, he was hailed as the best street skateboarder in the world. “Skate for the Year” sponsors Daewon Song at the moment. In addition, he owns two different skateboarding related businesses, “Thank You Skateboarding” and “Thrasher Magazines“. 

People love watching Daewon tricks. His fan following is in almost every corner of the world. In terms of rankings, these skateboarders were ranked according to statistical evidence; otherwise, Daewon Song is my personal favourite. 

Andrew Reynolds

05 – Andrew Reynolds 


He is one of the most famous professional skateboarders in the world. Andrew Reynolds was born in the USA and started a number of businesses with his partners between 2000 and 2007. Whereas, he began to pursue his professional career after graduating. 

Andrew inspires street skateboarders around the world and helps them learn new skills.  Many skateboard companies which are making different kinds of skateboards sponsor him, including Baker SkateboardsVansStanceBrigada, etc. Moreover, the income he earns is too high for an average skateboarder. 

Skateboarding has inspired him his whole life, and he loves his skills. Being connected to major companies like BakerEmerica, and Altamont Apparel is a sign of his persistence. 

Shaun Roger White

06 – Shaun Roger White


Anyone who watches X Games is familiar with Shaun Roger White. He is multi-talented and has a good reputation in skateboarding, snowboarding, and music. 

People eagerly wait for his entry into X Games. His achievements include winning three gold medals at the Olympia Snowboarding Championship. Apart from this, he has won ten other ESPY Awards. In addition, he has a talent for being the best at what he likes to do. 

The big brother inspired Shaun Roger to begin his journey. Although he didn’t begin his professional career until later, he began practicing by the age of seven.

Aaron Kyro

07 – Aaron Kyro


Aaron Kyro is the best street skateboarder with 5.54 million subscribers on Youtube and counting. He makes Youtube videos with the help of his team. 

Aaron joined Youtube in 2005, and now he earns the most money from any skateboarding Youtube channel. Meanwhile, on his channel named Braille, Aaron will teach you everything from the basics to advanced tricks. 

Braille is known in almost every corner of the world. Aaron’s action-based videos are also popular with people who are interested in skateboarding. In addition, he generates good revenue from the Braille website. 

Nka Vids

08 – Nka Vids


Nka Vids Skateboarding is one of the best Youtube channels. A lot of skateboarders learn skills from his Youtube channel. He is one of the best skateboarders on Youtube. 

His Youtube channel has 435k subscribers and counting; he is one of the oldest in the business. 

His channel is famous all over the world, from the US to Japan. He began making skateboarding videos in 1995. Professionally, he began his career in 2005. 

In spite of his distance from competitions, he is still considered among the best. You can learn how to create the best skateboarding vlogs from Nka Vids Skateboarding

Maurio McCoy

09 – Maurio McCoy


Maurio McCoy is the king of skateboarding tricks and actions. His talent is recognized around the world. He is passionate about skateboarding, which makes him the best skateboarder on Youtube. 

Maurio McCoy earns a solid amount from media with 418k and counting subscribers on Youtube. The videos he makes are useful for both beginners and experts. Maurio runs a Youtube channel with the name of Transworld Skateboarding

In his channel, he makes vlogs and visits skateboarders who are well-known. In fact, he doesn’t compete in tournaments and focuses more on entertainment.

Jean Pantaleo

10 – Jean Pantaleo


One of the best Instagram skateboarders. Recently, he won many championships. His most outstanding achievement was winning the Sosh Freestyle Cup. He became passionate about skateboarding at an early age, just like other famous skateboarders. 

Pantaleo won his first championship in 2007 and increased the success ratio every year. His blog earns the highest amount on Red Bull’s Bowl site. You can check out his skills on his Instagram handle @jeanpantaleosk8.

Jean Pantaleo is the current sponsor of the Red Bull BowlRed Bull Bowl tournament fans eagerly await his entry. His skills are far superior to those of other skateboarders who are more famous on Youtube. 

Favourite Skateboarders

It is not necessary for you to fully agree with this compilation of top players in skateboarding. There is a possibility that our top players are not even in your top ten. The ranking, however, consists only of the facts, without any bias.

Let us know about your favourite skateboarders and how they inspire you as a skateboarder in the comments section.

Nyjah Imani Huston

Fans Favourite

Our public poll named Nyjah Imani Huston as the best skateboarder of 2022. He has won several awards and earns enough income from the game to maintain his lifestyle and inspire his fans.

Daewon Song

Personal Favourite

The skateboarder who inspires me a lot is Daewon Song. I have learned different techniques from him. I think he is an absolute legend & my all-time favourite in the skateboarding world.

Final Words

There are several skateboarders who participate in the world’s tournament every year. It is impossible to rank players only based on one factor because people have different opinions.

We have tried to rank players using key statistics. The ranking doesn’t include any inconsequential factors. There is also a clear outline of what the majority thinks about the best skateboarders.  

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